National Aquarium in Baltimore
Tourist Destination Gains Business Intelligence; Productivity Climbs 30 Percent

"We’ve taken all the information we had that was unusable and made it usable. The result is that we can put the information to work."
— Hans Keller, Chief Technology Officer,
National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium in Baltimore had 16,000 animals, 2.2 million gallons of water—and too much data. At least, too much of it was locked away in isolated databases, where it was inaccessible and unable to be used for timely decision making. Now, by using Microsoft® Business Intelligence, all-important attendance data is available in near real time rather than after a week’s delay, so it can be used to make marketing decisions that enhance attendance. A range of key performance indicators is immediately accessible to staff through business scorecards, with drill-down reports just a click away. Staff members regain up to 30 percent of their time by not having to create reports manually. And the solution can be easily extended to provide new analysis capabilities to functions and departments throughout the organization.

Scorecard Solution Helps Online Travel Company Measure the Road to Greatness

“Customer satisfaction is essential to helping make Expedia a great company,” says Gibbons. “With scorecarding, we have the means to evaluate how well we are doing to make the company even greater. And if scorecarding is adopted throughout the company, I believe we are that much closer to becoming the largest and most profitable seller of travel in the world.”

In the world of e-business, going from zero to millions in a short period of time was common in the mid to late nineties. And so was going bust just about as fast, when the bubble burst. There were a few savvy companies that survived the bust—no doubt because they offered real products and services that showed real returns. One of those companies is U.S.-based Expedia, which has become the largest online travel agency and the fourth largest travel company in the world since going public in 1999. With customer satisfaction critical to the success of online business, Expedia needed real-time insight into its Web site performance. To do this, the company implemented a scorecard solution using Microsoft® Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005. The solution gave Expedia access to complex Web performance metrics and the ability to respond quickly to customer satisfaction issues.

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